38 of 45- Five Stars

One reader writes

gave me pause to what I believed to be acceptably “doing good” Spraguesgarden (Kansas City, MO)

I agree with the reader who questioned the proof reading as the typos tripped me up at the start but once I was into the story I was hooked. It was easy to relate to Julie’s discomfort even as I self-righteously patted myself on the back for not being so materialistic or vain. At the beginning I was put off by the fantasy portrayal of her conversations with Jesus. By the end I was longing for such an intimate touch by the Creator. Most of us believe that God doesn’t work in such obvious ways anymore, oh but wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?




Note:  I obtained this Kindle book when it was offered free for short period.  If you buy it, a small amount will be paid to our account which will be contributed to the work of Volunteers Without Limits.