The most common complaints we hear about non-profits and service organizations is that they don’t work together, are competitive and egocentric in their efforts.  I don’t believe that is true.  Since moving here in 2009, I have seen many examples of a common community spirit working in these organizations.  The most recent being evident in the number of organizations who helped get the Knock Out Hunger program started and who continue to contribute to it’s budget and commissary.  Yes, the original committee dissolved in time and things didn’t work out exactly as some anticipated but the ‘meals on wheels’ did get started and continues on due to the daily labor of a few and the continued support of many.

So here we are in San Felipe in the midst of our hot and slow season, looking to the future and planning another meeting of the minds.  Yes, we realize that many of our winter citizens are in cooler locations but there are still a great many of local citizens, both native and immigrants, who live here year round and care about their neighbors here in San Felipe.  The upcoming meeting will be a starting point.  I am sure there will still be work to do and ways to help left for the snowbirds to jump into when they return.

With that said, I am excited to share Kyle’s Facebook announcement with you.


We will be forming a committee here in San Felipe for local community and local non-profit organizations to come together to address the needs of the community and figure out once and for all how we can work together and support each other to meet these needs. This will include both the ex-pat community leaders and local community leaders and local government. We hope to address issues such as education, hunger, medical, security, youth programs, cleanliness, needs of the elderly, needs of the disabled, job creation and economic stimulation etc. If you would like to participate and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, we would love to have your participation.