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Johanna’s New Home

homeforjohanaShared from Facebook:  Jessica Ireland writes…

NEED TO RAISE $450 ASAP to purchase this trailer for Johanna and her 9 children! I am so pleased to announce that I have finally found a trailer perfect for Johanna and her 9 children. As many of you know, in September, while I was in San Felipe, there was a flash flood and a single mother with 9 children lost their trailer. After 2 months of searching, I found a perfect trailer for the family and although I have been able to raise $1250, the cost of the trailer is $1700 plus the cost to register it and the cost for plates. I will pick up the cost of the registration, plates and expenses to transport it but as a full-time student with no income, I cannot cover the additional $450 needed to gift this family a HOME.

Johanna and her children are currently living in the 8×6 plywood home that Eli and Efrain were living in prior to us raising enough money to move them into their new home. To say that their current living conditions are unsuitable, is an understatement!

In addition to raising $450, I would like to ask for any donations for household goods that will be used to decorate and furnish the trailer for this family. If you have any bedding, kitchen, bathroom and decor items that you would like to donate to this family, please let me know.

I will also be having a cleaning, painting and decorating party next Saturday in anyone is interested in lending a hand to turn this trailer into a beautiful home for this family. I already know that with the assistance of family and friends, raising the $450 will not be an issue so let’s get together and truly make a huge difference in the lives of Johanna and her children.

If you’re able to donate, regardless of the amount, please let me know as soon as possible. It goes without saying that ever little bit will help.

I will be heading down to San Felipe on November 25th to deliver the trailer to Johanna and her children……. Help be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thank you in advance for all of your support, love, kindness and generosity. We have already contributed so much to the lives of so many poverty stricken men, women and children in San Felipe…… We will be doing it once again!

Too Much or Too Little


Franklin D. Roosevelt

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have too much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

Coming to age in the 60s almost requires you to have been classified as a “bleeding heart liberal” at some time in your youth yet I like to think that my leftist leanings were well tempered by my early indoctrination into the writings of Ayn Rand, so at best I consider myself an independent thinker, at worst, a capitalistic philanthropist.

Politically I refuse to get involved in the name calling and blame laying. I think the best of intentions are corrupted by politics and the worst offenders can be used by the Almighty. My two cents isn’t going to change the outcome so I keep it myself. I believe those who are convinced they know a better way should do their best to make it happen. Those of us who don’t have clue should stay out of the way, keep out mouths shut and pray for those who are out there doing something.

With that said, I will get to the point of this article.

TCBC creation available for a $100 donation for Volunteers Without Limits.

TCBC creation available for a $100 donation for Volunteers Without Limits.

No matter what your political bent, if you are reading this, you likely have a heart for those less fortunate than yourself and an interest in the people and needs of San Felipe.

Right now, as you read this, the reserves put away for the summer food distributions and aide for the families with severely disabled children (in San Felipe) have dwindled down dangerously close to the bottom and it is only August. Volunteers Without Limits still has two more months (at least) of HOT weather before their gracious friends from the north return to San Felipe.

Your help is crucial.

Please click over their website and make a donation right NOW, don’t put it off.

Here’s a direct link for your convenience. Donate Here!.

If you would like to make that a recurring monthly donation click here:

Monthly Donation and follow link to “Subscribe”.

Please don’t put off giving until another day.

Volunteers Needed

Are you an experience event planner?  Do you love to put on a party?  Maybe you don’t have a spare dollar to contribute but you have years of running the show and know how to put activities and people together.  Your help is needed too.  Volunteers Without Limits needs an advocate who can and will put together future events on their behalf. The job requires exceptional people skills and  the willingness to work for nothing but the feeling of having done something worthwhile.   If you are that person please drop us a line.

No Stranger to Suffering



Being myself no stranger to suffering, I have learned to relieve the sufferings of others.

Many of us may have lived charmed lives and never faced real hardships or suffering. We might have gone through a few rough patches when we were unemployed (and collecting unemployment benefits) or just starting out on our own. We may know the pinch of getting by on less since retirement. Some of us may even qualify for that “negative income” tax break but not many of us in the “gringo” community know what it is like to experience real hunger or exposure to the elements. Yet, when we see pictures of ramshackle shelters and children in tattered clothing our hearts are touched and we do one of two things. We quickly flip to another page to find something more uplifting to focus on or we reach for our checkbook.

The dog days of the summer are upon us and yet there are at least two more months before most of us will return to the beaches of San Felipe. Those still there are struggling to get through and survive. Two organizations in particular are trying to help them through. Volunteers Without Limits continues to distribute food, diapers and nutritional supplements to those in most dire need. V.I.V.A. volunteers work diligently to find homes for abandoned animals but in the mean time must provide food and shelter for them. They also work non-stop to make spaying and neutering available to all.

How much they can do depends on you. Will you click off to something more pleasant or will you click through to their websites and to make a small donation? If you have ever know suffering in your own life you will likely be moved to help. If you have not, you have this opportunity to be grateful for your blessings and take time to pass some on to someone else.

The choice is yours.

Click on Vegas's picture to contribute to Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals (V.I.V.A.)

Click on Vegas’s picture to contribute to V.I.V.A.

Click here to contribute for food, nutritional supplements and medical travel expenses - VSL

Click here to contribute for food, nutritional supplements and medical travel expenses – Volunteers Without Limits (VSL)



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