¡Sí, San Felipe! Photo Contest - FREE ENTRY!

  • Enter number of images submitted (1 to 10 images allowed). NOW UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER, YOU MAY SUBMIT UP TO 10 PHOTOS FOR FREE! Photos may be submitted below or sent by email to If your photo files are very large you may need to send them in multiple emails. If you do not get redirected to a page saying that your photos have been submitted or you get bounced back to an empty entry form, your photos were not sent. Please send them by email.

    Upload RENAMED images. Image names should include your last name and first initial in file name. Submit entry and COMPLETE Paypal payment transaction to qualify for contest. Contest open August 4 - October 31, 2013
  • If selected as a finalist for the contest and/or for publication, signed releases will be required to be submitted for each image, both for the use of the photo and for each person in the image.




  • Elaine Jansen (4 years)

    We are Snowbirds and love San Felipe!

  • Cyreen (4 years)

    I lived in San Felipe from 2011 to 2012. It is wonderful. I finished high school there and met so many wonderful people.

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