Robert F. Kennedy

Let no one be discouraged by the belief that there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world’s ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation


Can there be too much of a good thing? If we were talking about ice cream or exercise sure it is possible to over do it but when it comes to advertising or promoting a business the more the better is usually the motto.  So when Hilario (Ben) Campista was looking for way to encourage the local community to help support the San Felipe United for Education Foundation  he wanted to offer them something of value in return for their support.

Developing an online San Felipe local business directory isn’t a novel idea.  There are several already available:, and, just to name a few.  Some are free, some charge a small fee.  What makes this one ( different?

Well to start with it is not a business per say.  It a service offered strictly as a way of saying thank you to the local people and businesses that contribute to the support the Foundation.  The Foundation’s primary purpose is to help local children and adults learn and use English.  The Campista’s believe that being fluent in English as a second language will expand the opportunities of their students when they go out into the job market and help them better provide for themselves and their families.

By providing advertising for the local businesses, the Campistas hope to help the businesses earn more and therefore be in a better position to support the Foundation and their students.  The domain name of this directory is one key feature why it is so effective.  The site designers and publishers have also done their homework and put this directory “on the map” on the web.

The second feature that makes unique is that is is bilingual (but of course!) so it is designed to serve both the English and Spanish speaking communities and businesses.

Neither of these points would warrant mentioning here though if it wasn’t for the good cause that this directory supports.  San Felipe Foundation for United Education, in my opinion, is a work well worth supporting.  If you don’t believe me, stop by some morning and sit in on the classes and see for your self.  The enthusiasm of these kids as they learn English is contagious.  You might find yourself wanting to stick around and help out in the classes.  The children love to hear stories about life in other countries (like the US and Canada).  The Foundation also offers Spanish classes if  you should want to stretch your language skills.

Keep up the good work Ben & Bertha.  You truly are helping write the history of this generation of young people in San Felipe.