Being myself no stranger to suffering, I have learned to relieve the sufferings of others.

Many of us may have lived charmed lives and never faced real hardships or suffering. We might have gone through a few rough patches when we were unemployed (and collecting unemployment benefits) or just starting out on our own. We may know the pinch of getting by on less since retirement. Some of us may even qualify for that “negative income” tax break but not many of us in the “gringo” community know what it is like to experience real hunger or exposure to the elements. Yet, when we see pictures of ramshackle shelters and children in tattered clothing our hearts are touched and we do one of two things. We quickly flip to another page to find something more uplifting to focus on or we reach for our checkbook.

The dog days of the summer are upon us and yet there are at least two more months before most of us will return to the beaches of San Felipe. Those still there are struggling to get through and survive. Two organizations in particular are trying to help them through. Volunteers Without Limits continues to distribute food, diapers and nutritional supplements to those in most dire need. V.I.V.A. volunteers work diligently to find homes for abandoned animals but in the mean time must provide food and shelter for them. They also work non-stop to make spaying and neutering available to all.

How much they can do depends on you. Will you click off to something more pleasant or will you click through to their websites and to make a small donation? If you have ever know suffering in your own life you will likely be moved to help. If you have not, you have this opportunity to be grateful for your blessings and take time to pass some on to someone else.

The choice is yours.

Click on Vegas's picture to contribute to Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals (V.I.V.A.)

Click on Vegas’s picture to contribute to V.I.V.A.

Click here to contribute for food, nutritional supplements and medical travel expenses - VSL

Click here to contribute for food, nutritional supplements and medical travel expenses – Volunteers Without Limits (VSL)