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History of a Generation


Robert F. Kennedy

Let no one be discouraged by the belief that there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world’s ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation


Can there be too much of a good thing? If we were talking about ice cream or exercise sure it is possible to over do it but when it comes to advertising or promoting a business the more the better is usually the motto.  So when Hilario (Ben) Campista was looking for way to encourage the local community to help support the San Felipe United for Education Foundation  he wanted to offer them something of value in return for their support.

Developing an online San Felipe local business directory isn’t a novel idea.  There are several already available:, and, just to name a few.  Some are free, some charge a small fee.  What makes this one ( different?

Well to start with it is not a business per say.  It a service offered strictly as a way of saying thank you to the local people and businesses that contribute to the support the Foundation.  The Foundation’s primary purpose is to help local children and adults learn and use English.  The Campista’s believe that being fluent in English as a second language will expand the opportunities of their students when they go out into the job market and help them better provide for themselves and their families.

By providing advertising for the local businesses, the Campistas hope to help the businesses earn more and therefore be in a better position to support the Foundation and their students.  The domain name of this directory is one key feature why it is so effective.  The site designers and publishers have also done their homework and put this directory “on the map” on the web.

The second feature that makes unique is that is is bilingual (but of course!) so it is designed to serve both the English and Spanish speaking communities and businesses.

Neither of these points would warrant mentioning here though if it wasn’t for the good cause that this directory supports.  San Felipe Foundation for United Education, in my opinion, is a work well worth supporting.  If you don’t believe me, stop by some morning and sit in on the classes and see for your self.  The enthusiasm of these kids as they learn English is contagious.  You might find yourself wanting to stick around and help out in the classes.  The children love to hear stories about life in other countries (like the US and Canada).  The Foundation also offers Spanish classes if  you should want to stretch your language skills.

Keep up the good work Ben & Bertha.  You truly are helping write the history of this generation of young people in San Felipe.


Then Feed Just One


Mother Teresa
If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

We can’t feed them all. No matter how big our hearts or pocketbooks there will always be people who are hungry, whether it a result of economic disasters, poor life choices or just their location at birth. It might be a temporary set back or it might be permanent condition. The druggie may one day walk into a 12 step meeting and turn their life around, or not. The kid from the hood might take advantage of an athletic scholarship or helping hand and expand his or her horizons, or not. The single mother may learn new skills and start a small cottage business to support herself and her children, or not.

Sometimes there are choices that can make a difference. Sometimes those choices are not presented, beyond reach or just too hard to believe in so for whatever reason there will always be children who go to sleep on an empty stomach. So what should we do about it? If we can’t make it “all better” should we just close our eyes or turn our heads so we don’t have look at it?

Mother Teresa’s answer was do what you can. Paty Orozco has taken a similar stand in San Felipe. She can’t make it “all better” for her own daughter, Lupita, who was born with spinal encephala, but she does what she can to make her life as comfortable and as full as possible. She doesn’t stop there though. She also reaches out to the families of other children like Lupita. Children who need more than just three squares a day to survive. Children who can’t chew or swallow regular food and whose parents don’t have the facilities, means or maybe just don’t have the education, time or energy to prepare pureed foods. Paty knows the importance of these children getting balanced nutrition so she has created a program to supply these children with at least one nutritional supplement drink a day. A challenge for one child when the parent only has seasonal work, a monumental task when you are looking to supply seven or more children this one serving a day.

Add to that the task of getting these children to and from medical care and treatments with specialists who know how to deal with their particular problem when the closest specialist is most likely 100 miles away and you can begin to see the size of the task that faces Volunteers Without Limits each month.  There there is the “normal” challenge of providing enough food to dispense to unemployed and impoverished families of San Felipe.

These women aren’t just sitting around waiting for someone else to fix things.  They work at it daily. They collect and sort and sell everything they can in the thrift shop.  They clean and cook when ever they get the opportunity.

This week the VSL ladies are putting on a “fiesta” at the park to raise funds so they can help a couple of special children get the medical care they need.  You can help by showing up and buying dinner. I am sure they will cook up something yummy.  While you are there, enjoy the music and entertainment.  There is going to be dancers and singers and games.  It is located at the park located between Mar Bermejo and Mar Blanco, just south of Chetumal… right next to the fire department and clinic.  It starts at 5 p.m.  Go and have fun … and help!



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