Oprah Winfrey

It’s not just about being able to write a check. It’s being able to touch somebody’s life.


If you are looking for a tangible result to your giving, one that you can see has an impact on the life of another person, then contributing to a young persons education is a good choice.  According to a familiar Chinese proverb, accredited to Lao Tzu, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the day.  If you teach him to fish, you feed him for life.”  Ironically, fishing is the one profession that most young men in San Felipe have ample opportunity to learn.  Without higher education opportunities, a San Felipe boy is likely to end up a fisherman, a welder, or a mechanic.  A young girl will likely learn to do nails and hair, clean houses, and take care of babies.  With a college education their horizons are expanded.  Many go on to become doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects or engineers.

Providing assistance for tuition and school supplies also gives the recipient an active role in their own future.  What they do with the gift depends on them.  This builds confidence and independence rather than dependency.  Many young people in San Felipe are excellent students but come from families of very limited means.  Their family’s immediate needs for food and shelter over-ride their educational needs.  Choosing to stay in school, instead starting to work and contributing to the family’s needs, is in itself a sacrifice.  Adding to this the cost of tuition, uniforms, books etc, continuing their education is often beyond their reach.

Club Las Amigas of San Felipe sees this as an opportunity where their contributions can make the most impact.  According to their mission statement, their goal “ is to build more confident and well-educated young adults as the hope for Mexico’s future.”  They strongly believe that continuing education is essential to the future of a peaceful world.  To achieve this goal they commit to providing five-year scholarships to the university for students who have displayed high academic standards and who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.  They do this by conducting numerous fund-raising events each season, everything from Poker Runs to Luaus.  You will find them ever Saturday during “the season” selling tickets to one of these events at the El Dorado swap meet.  This year they are lead by their tireless leader, Sandy Keto, who in addition to her duties as President of the Las Amigas, also found time to put together a fund-raising event each month for other causes like Volunteers Without Limits and the Bag Ladies of Better Together.

Las Amigas doesn’t stop there.  They recognize that to get to the university a student has to get through secondary (or high school as we call it).  This in itself is sometimes an impossible financial challenge.  High school students in San Felipe have to pay fees, buy lunches,and uniforms for both school and athletic activities.  They also need access to computers, printers and copy machines.  All that cost money.  To achieve this Las Amigas also sponsors young people to receive a small annual scholarship to help with these expenses.

You can read more about Club Las Amigas, ask questions of their leaders or make a donation on their website www.clublasamigas.com or write LasAmigasKids@rocketmail.com.